Conflict between Fifty Fifty and agency Attrakt continues to escalate

뉴스 2023-12-05 09:29:26 36932

The legal battle between the K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty and its agency Attrakt continues to intensify as the group released a statement Thursday saying that it would reveal details of how they worked under surveillance and control.

“We will disclose why we had to leave our agency and why we cannot go back,” Fifty Fifty members said on their social media account.

The members of Fifty Fifty created the account as a channel of communication after they applied for an injunction to suspend the effectiveness of its exclusive contract with the agency.

“The representative Jeon Hong-jun of the agency conspired with the representative Ahn Sung-il of the outsourcing company to plot the details of investing 5 billion won ($3.75 million), which was an advance debt liability owed by representative J’s other agency, in Fifty Fifty,” claimed Fifty Fifty in its statement.

“The agency charged us with a settlement cost of 3 billion won but they are yet to provide us with the details of the 3.3 billion won they supposedly used for management operating expenses and 1.7 billion won in deposits,” the group added.

Fifty Fifty also urged Attrakt to stop framing their dispute as a conflict caused by a third party trying to poach rising rookies.

To back up their statement, Fifty Fifty posted a mobile phone message shared between representatives Jeon Hong-jun and Ahn Sung-il.

The group has yet to reveal the specific reasons why they had to leave the agency.

Fifty Fifty is currently on a hiatus after it applied for an injunction to suspend the effectiveness of its exclusive contract with agency Attrakt in June.

The Seoul Central District Court rejected its injunction request in August.




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